Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a Free Trial?

The program is pretty simple and straight forward so we do not offer a Free Trial period. If there is something missing from the published videos and documentation, we'd be happy to offer a live demonstration by way of a screen share session.

Does the data update in Real Time inside of my Trading Software?

Both Multi-Charts and SierraChart Trading Software will update in real time as data is written by EveryTick. NinjaTrader requires the text file be imported manually. Investor/RT and MarketDelta require the text files be imported however they both offer a Schedule feature whereby the import can take place every few seconds automatically so that the feed is constantly kept current. See the Investor/RT or MarketDelta setup instructions for setting up Schedules.

Can I use the EveryTick Macro on more than one computer?

Our software is not shareware so we do not offer it without limitations. The Macro is Hardware locked to your machine at the time of your purchase. If, after your purchase, you get a new computer, we will offer a one time Computer ID change within a given year. Users that require that the spreadsheet work on a third Computer ID within the same year will have to purchase an additional license.

Can the EveryTick Macro be used with any Data Provider and any Trading Software?

EveryTick will work with any datafeed provider that offers DDE, RTD or any other method for subscribing to Trading data from Excel. However the format that is used to write the to the files must be consistent with an acceptable format of a Trading Software provider if you want to plot a chart of the data. See this page for a list of Trading Software providers we currently work with.

If my Trading Software will read a text file, but EveryTick does not currently write data to a text file in their required Format, can you add my Trading Software's format to EveryTick?

Yes. We will consider adding your Trading Software's format to EveryTick. Please use this Contact Form to send us a link to your Trading Software providers page that explains the format that the text file must be in for import.