SierraChart Setup

Step One→Basic Setup:

Make sure you have followed the basic setup instructions on the Getting Started Page before proceeding to Step 2.

Step Two→Choose the SierraChart Directory:

Make sure the Settings tab of the EveryTick spreadsheet has the SierraChart directory accurately set to C:\SierraChart\Data\.

Step Three→Start Writing Data:

Make up a Text symbol and enter it into Column 1 of the "Write" sheet. Be careful not to use any existing symbols that trade on any exchanges. To be safe, you might want to include a number in the symbol you make up. For instance AAPL1 is sure not to interfere with AAPL. Now enter a DDE or RTD subscription code into Column 2. For instance, for IQFeed, the DDE format is =IQLINK|AAPL!Last or IQLINK=|AAPL!Volume. Then press "Start."

Step Four→Real Time Charts:

Open SierraChart and go to File→Open Intraday Chart (Ctrl-I). Then select the your new Symbol from the directory (Note that it will have a .SCID file extension). The chart will be updating in Real Time.