From Excel to your Charts. In Real Time.

Streaming Real Time from Excel to your Trading Platform.

The EveryTick Excel Macro writes data to text or binary files depending on which feed you've configured it for. Real Time reception of this data into your Trading Software depends on how your Trading Software deals with External Data.

Some Trading Software providers offer a way to write data to a text file in a particular folder and the software recognizes the file being updated in real time and pulls the data in automatically like a feed. Others require the data be imported but can closely simulate a real time feed by setting up a Schedule to have the data imported every few seconds. Lastly, some Trading Software providers allow for manual import only. Here is a snapshot of the Trading Software providers that EveryTick currently feeds. If you do not see your Trading Software on this list, use the button at the bottom of the page to request that we add your Trading Software:

Trading Software Feed Method
SierraChart Real Time Streaming. No Import Schedule required.
Multi-Charts Real Time Streaming. No Import Schedule required.
Investor/RT Real Time simulated by Import Schedule.
MarketDelta Real Time simulated by Import Schedule.
NinjaTrader Manual Import required. No Import Schedule feature.
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