MultiCharts Setup

Step One→Basic Setup:

Make sure you have followed the basic setup instructions on the Getting Started Page before proceeding to Step 2.

Step Two→Set-up ASCII Mapping

Open the Quote Manager by choosing it from the main Menu. From the Quote Manager, choose File→Map ASCII.

Step Three→ASCII Mapping:

Starting at the top of the ASCII Mapping Window, choose the Path to the folder where you are storing your data files. After doing this, MultiCharts displays a list of files in that directory. The ASCII Mapping window below, we have drawn a border around our file name along with the column names that require setup:

Step Four→Instrument Setup:

Starting at the left, let's go over each column. Once your Instrument is Setup, press OK:

Step Five→Open a Chart:

Go to File→New→Chart and choose a Data Source of ASCII Mapping. There you will see a list of all of the Custom Instrument symbols available to you. Select one and configure your chart settings and press OK. Charts will update in real time as data is written to your text files.