Investor/RT Setup

Step One→Basic Setup:

Make sure you have followed the basic setup instructions on the Getting Started Page before proceeding to Step 2.

Step Two→Setup Import Format:

Go to Setup→Preferences→Formats to create a format for the text files that EveryTick creates. In the example below, we have created a format that expects to import a text file with 4 Columns: Symbol, Date Time, Last Price, Volume:

Step Three→Create a file to test your new Format:

You can test your Format by Importing a text file. Open the EveryTick Macro and enter a symbol into Column 1, a DDE Link that tracks the the Last Price of an Instrument into Column 2, and a DDE link that tracks the Volume of that Instrument into Column 3. Now press start to start writing data.

Step Four→Create an Instrument in Investor/RT:

Go to Setup→Instruments (Symbols). In Symbol field, clear any Symbol that are there. Then, first select a Type of Cash. Then enter the name of the Symbol that you have created in the EveryTick spreadsheet. Set the Session, Display Format and a Name (Name is optional).

Step Five→Import the Data:

Within Investor/RT, open a new chart and add the instrument to it. Then go to Data→Import Data. Set the window up as shown below and be sure to select the Import Format you just created:

Press the Import button and browse to the directory where you keep your text files and press Open. Your data will appear in the chart.

Schedules for Automatic Import

Step One→Create the Schedule:

Go to Setup→Preferences→Schdules to open the Schedules window:

Create a new Schedule by clicking the New button under the left pane. This will open the "Create New Schedule" window. Name your new Schedule, set a Frequency and starting time, select the days of the week you'd like the Schedule to run and assign a Keyboard Shortcut if you want one. Press OK when finished. Here is an example:

Step Two→Associate an Action with your new Schedule:

Create a new Schdule Action by clicking the New button under the right pane of the Schedule window. This will open a window to Add a new Action for the Schedule you just created. Select the Action called "Import Intraday Data. Then browse to the location of the file and set the Format. Then Press OK. Here is an example of how the window should be set-up:

Step Three→Exit the Schedule window:

Press OK on the Schedule window to exit. If both the EveryTick Macro and the Schedule are running, you should see your chart updating at the scheduled frequency.